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Unlimited Test Space for Any Size Test Item

The size of your test item is not a limiting factor with CVMS Climatic. We can produce test rooms that will fit a whole vehicle, aircraft part, space satellites or many racks of smaller items that need to be tested or conditioned in bulk. 

As these chambers are built to order. All the necessary climate and performance specifications as well as options and features can be incorporated into the design.  Demands for testing in the field of renewable energy and storage bring their own challenges and all the safety and monitoring requirements that are now needed are built into the designs and incorporated where required.  CVMS Climatic are well positioned to deal with the test demands of new technologies as well as traditional industries such as aerospace, automotive, defence, electronics pharmaceutical and scientific research.

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  • Internal volume: typically, from 8m3 upwards as required
  • Temperature ranges: typically, from -70˚C…+150˚C or as required
  • Humidity range: typically, 10%RH … 95%RH or as required


  • Solar radiation
  • Rainfall
  • Low pressure
  • Vibration


  • Water-cooled refrigeration systems
  • Safe heating systems
  • Bespoke configurations / sizes of portholes
  • Bespoke test racks or shelving systems
  • Bespoke loading / unloading systems
  • Remote control options

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