Walk-in / Drive-in Chambers

Specialings in providing integrated climate and vibration testing solutions for precise and accurate testing requirements.

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Customised Climate and Vibration Test Chambers for Precise Testing Needs

CVMS °Climatic design and build environmental test chambers to work with all manufacturers and models of electro-dynamic and mechanical vibration test systems to provide combined climate and vibration test solutions.

The chambers are mounted on rails and can also be equipped with an elevator which makes precise horizontal and vertical positioning over a shaker, head expander or slip table a simple operation.  Bespoke gasket sets provide the seal between the shaker and the chamber environment and thermal barriers can also be supplied to protect the vibration system from extreme temperatures.

We can match a chamber with the customer’s existing shaker system or provide a turnkey package of environmental chamber and vibration system to meet customers precise test requirements.

As these chambers are built to order, it is very easy to customise the temperature range and performance and humidity control as required.

A full consultancy, supply and installation service is provided.


  • Internal capacity: 30, 100, 200 litres
  • Temperature range: Ambient +10˚C … +200˚C
  • Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5˚C
  • Temperature deviation: ±2˚C
  • Heating time to +200˚C typically 120 minutes in 200 litre chamber
  • Vacuum range: 101 … 0.1kPa
  • PID controller
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Modular system with integrated vacuum pump
  • Shelves
  • 0 … 99hr, 59min timer
  • Bespoke designs to suit specific applications

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  • Customised floors to interface with armature, head expander or slip-table
  • Access portholes, door notches for test cables etc.
  • Gasket sets
  • Thermal barriers
  • Head expanders
  • Custom-built test fixtures
  • Ethernet communications

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