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CVMS Climatic: Unveiling the Effects of Sunlight with Advanced UV Light Test Cabinets

CVMS Climatic produces a range of UV light test cabinets. They have been designed to imitate the ageing effects of sunlight, rainwater and dew; using UVA and UVB light tubes to simulate the radiation of sunlight and condensed water and spray to imitate dew and rainfall. These tests can uncover in days or a few weeks the side effects of outside exposure (such as fading, colour change, fracturing, brittleness etc.) that can take several months or years.

The results, subsequent investigations and further tests can improve material durability and help to select the correct materials or material combinations and where desirable, effective coatings or treatments for the application.

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UV Testings

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  • Internal volume: two standard chamber sizes of 130 and 260 litres
  • UV wavelength: 313nm, 340nm
  • Temperature range: Ambient +10°C … +70°C
  • Humidity: ≥95%RH

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