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Cutting-Edge Thermal Shock Chambers: Introducing CVMS Climatic's 2-Zone and 3-Zone Solutions for Ultimate Testing Precision

CVMS Climatic produces a 2-zone and a 3-zone thermal shock chamber. The conventional 2-zone comprises a hot and a cold chamber with the test item moving between the two by way of a mechanical lift.

The 3-zone has the test item in a central ambient chamber with the hot and cold air generated and stored in adjacent chambers. At the appropriate time the hot (or cold) air is directed into the ambient zone sequentially according to the programme thus providing the thermal shock.

Bespoke designs are available, tailored to specific test requirements and horizontal and vertical configurations can also be specified.

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Thermal Shock Chambers - CVMS Climatic

2 Zone Specifications

  • Internal volume: four chamber sizes up to 1000 litres
  • Thermal shock range: -65°C … +180°C
  • Conversion time: 5 sec
  • Recovery time: ≤5 min

3 Zone Specifications

  • Internal volume: five chamber sizes up to 1000 litres
  • Thermal shock range: -65°C … +180°C
  • Pre-heat range: +70°C … +200°C
  • Pre-cool range: -10°C … -75°C
  • Recovery time: ≤5 min

Standard Features

  • Colour touch screen controller
  • RS232 communications

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