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Cutting-Edge Test Chambers: Evaluating Dust and Water Resistance to Enhance Product Reliability and Safety

CVMS Climatic produces a range of test chambers for evaluating the properties of devices and equipment and their sealing methods, for resistance to the ingress of dust and water during storage, transport, and operating conditions. 

Typical test items include automotive parts, storage and transport containers, household appliances, electrical items, electrical cabinets, lighting systems, telecom devices, and equipment that might be installed in an outdoor environment.

The results of these tests along with subsequent investigations and further tests can help to improve product robustness, durability, reliability, and on-going safety.

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Ingress Protection | IPXX Testing


  • Internal volume: four standard chamber sizes from 500 to 2600 litres
  • Dust ingress standards: IP5 and IP6
  • Water ingress standards: IPX1 to IPX9 and IPX9K


  • Bespoke equipment for specific tests, including walk-in facilities
  • Full immersion and low-depth simulation (water)
  • Splash and immersion (ice water)

Some Related Test Standards

  • IEC60529, GB2423.38, GB4208.93, GB7000.1, GB2423.37-89, GJB150.12, GB10485, GJB150.1-86, IEC529, ISO20653:2013
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