Food and Beverage

Elevate Food and Drink Product Success with Advanced Ageing and Simulation Chambers

In the highly competitive food and drink industry, quality, appearance, and in many cases shelf-life are the cornerstones of a successful product. 

CVMS Climatic have the chambers that can artificially age both raw ingredients and finished goods as well as simulating the effects of long-term storage, transportation, and handling.  These chambers give manufacturers valuable information, which will help to improve the finished product, how it is packaged and shipped, and its appearance at the point of sale.

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compact range of chambers

Compact Range

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climate + test chambers

Climate + Range

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Ageing Test Ovens

Ageing Test

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combined climate-vibration chamber

Combined Climate – Vibration

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Walk-in / Drive-in Test Room - CVMS Climatic

Walk-in/ Drive-in

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