Defence Environmental Simulation - CVMS Climatic

Comprehensive Hardware Solutions for Testing Defence Systems in Hostile Environments

The Defence sector has many industries feeding into it.  Electronics, Aerospace, Research, Transport and Deployment Systems to name a few.  Each have their own unique requirements when it comes to product testing and CVMS Climatic are on hand to provide the wide range of hardware needed to simulate the often-hostile environments where defence systems operate.

CVMS Climatic’s experience extends to the manufacture of explosion-proof containment chambers including ATEX.

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climate + test chambers

Climate + Range

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combined climate-vibration chamber

Combined Climate – Vibration

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Thermal Shock Chambers - CVMS Climatic

Thermal Shock

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Ingress Protection

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Walk-in / Drive-in Test Room - CVMS Climatic

Walk-in / Drive-in

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Air Treatment (ATU)

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