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Meeting the Demands of Battery Testing for the Electrified Transport Sector's Future

Global demand drives new technologies and brings new challenges.  One example is the electrification of the transport sector, and this has been deemed crucial if we are to meet current emissions targets.  By 2040 more that 30% of public transport is expected to be electric and there could be as many as 300m EVs on our roads.

With demand on the increase, the test industry as had to keep pace and CVMS ˚Climatic has developed a range of test chambers that will meet the demands of battery testing. 

EUCAR has produced a scale to define the level of danger and type of potential hazard associated with the failure of a lithium-ion battery.  Our chambers are designed to not only provide the conditions for battery testing but also detect and deal with any potential hazard caused by a battery failure. 

This ranges from the installation of a hydrogen detector, alarm and purge system that will deal with early signs of failure up to containment and extinguishing system in the event of a major malfunction including explosion.

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battery testing


  • Standard internal volumes up to 800 litres
  • Temperature range -40˚C … +150˚C
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Bespoke designs including walk-in and defined temperature ranges
  • Separate Air Treatment Units and Test Enclosures
  • Reinforced structures, explosion panel for controlled pressure release, chains to secure doors
  • Gas detection: H2, CO
  • Fresh air inlet / exhaust
  • CO2 fire extinguishing

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