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Tailored Altitude Chambers by CVMS Climatic: Precision Engineering for Varied Altitude and Low-Pressure Testing Needs

CVMS Climatic produce bespoke altitude chambers designed to customers’ exact requirements. We can offer a wide range of chamber sizes and performance designed for altitude and low-pressure applications across all industries.

These chambers are manufactured from high-quality materials and components procured from world-class manufacturers and feature colour touch screen programmable controllers for easy operation and close control of the environmental parameters specified.

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Altitude Chamber


  • Internal volume: 1000 litres
  • Temperature ranges: -70˚C…+180˚C
  • Heating rates: up to 5˚C / min
  • Cooling rates: up to 5˚C / min
  • Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5˚C (at ambient pressure)
  • Temperature uniformity: ±2.0˚C (at ambient pressure)
  • Humidity range: 20%RH … 98%RH
  • Humidity fluctuation: ±2%RH (at ambient pressure)
  • Pressure range: 1000mbar … 5mbar

Standard Features

  • Colour touch screen controller
  • SD card data storage
  • RS232 communications
  • Viewing window


  • Ethernet connection
  • Password controller lock

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