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Leading the Way in Comprehensive Environmental Testing Solutions

Environmental Testing is carried out to ensure and verify the robustness and reliability of manufactured products, materials or devices and to simulate conditions they will experience during transportation, storage and operation. Industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Construction, and many others have been carrying out environmental test programmes for years and the quality and safety of finished goods has never been as high as it is today.

CVMS Climatic is at the forefront of the design, build and supply of Environmental Test Equipment from its standard Climatic Test Chambers to large-scale Walk-in or Drive-in Environmental Test Facilities.

As well as controlling temperature and humidity in the test space, we also offer a wide range of products that simulate other environmental effects such as Low Pressure (Altitude), Solar Radiation, Rainfall, Dust, Pollution and Corrosive atmospheres.

We offer our expertise in the field of combined testing where more than one environmental effect is required such as vibration and temperature cycling.

Put your products to the test in one of our chambers. Whether your requirement is for a simple bench top or a complicated test facility we have the means to meet your expectations.

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