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CVMS Climatic is at the forefront of the design, build and supply of Environmental Test Equipment from its compact climatic chamber range to large-scale walk-in or drive-in climatic test facilities. 

As well as controlling temperature and humidity in defined test spaces, we also offer a wide range of products that simulate other environmental effects including low pressure (altitude), solar radiation and UV light, rainfall, dust, and corrosive atmospheres.

We can lend our expertise in the field of combined testing where more than one environmental effect is required, such as vibration and temperature cycling.

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Experience CVMS Climatic's comprehensive support, from expert pre-purchase consultancy to maintenance and calibration services.

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CVMS Climatic offers ready-to-use test chambers for flexible rental durations, providing the opportunity to trial before purchasing

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Whether you need to simulate extreme temperatures, humidity levels, or other environmental conditions, CVMS Climatic has the solution you’re looking for. Join us as we delve into our comprehensive range of products and unlock the possibilities for your environmental testing needs.

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CVMS Climatic is your go-to source for valuable information on Environmental Engineering and our exceptional product range. From climate chambers to environmental testing equipment, we offer innovative, reliable, and sustainable solutions for various applications.

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Join CVMS Climatic in our global partner network! We are seeking partners worldwide to sell and service our top-notch environmental test equipment. Benefit from our high-quality products, comprehensive support, and mutually rewarding collaboration.

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CVMS Climatic Customer Service goes beyond offering climatic chambers. Our personalised services enhance your experience with updates for improved management, simplified maintenance, and compliance with environmental sustainability regulations.

Exploring CVMS Climatic's Brochure: Your Gateway to Innovative Environmental Testing Solutions

Explore CVMS Climatic’s brochure for a glimpse into our innovative environmental testing solutions. From climate chambers to advanced testing equipment, our products deliver precise and reliable results. Discover the possibilities within our brochure and experience unparalleled environmental testing excellence.

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Discover how CVMS Climatic can providecutting-edge solutions tailored to your industry

Contact CVMS Climatic today to discuss your requirements and unlock the full potential of precise and reliable climatic testing.

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